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Dyslexia Evaluations

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Dyslexia is common and lifelong. It’s a learning difference that makes reading difficult. It often runs in families. Researchers have been studying dyslexia for more than 100 years. Some experts say 5 to 10 percent of people have dyslexia. Other say as many as 17 percent show signs of it. With the right support, people with dyslexia can get better at reading. Many thriving adults with dyslexia say it helped them be more creative and resilient. Most individuals with dyslexia have trouble sounding out written words. Recognizing common words in text. Spelling and Reading accurately and smoothly. Understanding what’s read. Writing, Rhyming and Solving word problems in math. Dyslexia isn’t a problem of intelligence, laziness, vision, or reading letters backwards. “Understood: For Learning and Thinking Differences.” Accessed March 8, 2020.

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